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TidyTop is family owned and operated in Sandpoint, Idaho.  
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My contact with this wonderful firm has been nothing but kind and sensitive to my particular needs. The product is all it promises and has enhanced my care giving to an advanced Parkinson syndrome friend. Thanks so much!
        ~Marilyn L

These “bibs” are so innovative. I wanted to thank you very much for coming up with this creative idea and marketing them. I use them for my daughter who has disabilities. She tends to be a bit messy when she eats but doesn’t want to mess up her clothes. I love how they are easy to attach with Velcro, wipe off with a sponge, are cute and reversible, and come in a cute little bag which makes them easy for to take with us.
I have let my other special needs moms know so you may be getting more orders. (I purchased mine at American Medical Equipment in Georgetown, TX.)
        ~Marilyn D  

Love your product: bought four tidy tops for my father--since I wasn't sure I could get him to wear one at meal times, especially in public, I bought extras so I could set an example by wearing one too. But whether it is the "manly" blue plaid pattern, the light, comfortable fabric, or the quick on/off design, he never balked at all. Plus it is so easy to wipe clean, and dries so quickly if you need to rinse it out. I keep an extra in the glove compartment.
        ~Kim B  

I am the Dining Director at an Assisted & Memory Care Living Facility in La Grande, Oregon. For as long as I have been here, finding a good quality of clothing protectors for my residents has been quite the struggle. That is until one of the family members brought in one of your tidy tops! I love, love, love them!!! They are perfect for what I need here! And they are cute to boot!
~Samie M. 

Very nice stitching (I do sew.) Made out of a light polyester material that will work very well. I'm not an invalid, just a sloppy eater. After staining countless t-shirts, I came across this. It should work perfectly for me.
~Ms. SoExcitedUSA 

Any one caring for a person with severe illness or disabilities will LOVE this clothing protector. Light weight, stylish, and cheerful, it completely covers the chest and lap making the entire front of the body a no stain area. Handy pocket for phone or Kleenix. Completely washable ... but most spills just wipe away! Great in the car for everyone when grabbing a quick meal or snack on the run. A must have for messy projects too. What a delightful find! 
~Jill P. 

The TidyTop solved all of my dining problems. Plus, it's comfortable, easy to wipe clean, doesn't stain, and it's cute with the hearts. I also like the easy Velcro closing as opposed to a snap. I'm glad I got two!
~Ms. Bunny 

As a residential electrician, I’m often in my van going job to job. While I don’t recommend eating while driving, it does happen. What better way to protect my work clothing from that accidental coffee, smoothie, or frappacino spill, than a TidyTop? I also use TidyTop while eating in the living room watching TV in my recliner. I’m happy with the quality of material and especially the seams, which are finished nicely. I look forward to future patterns.
~Ed S. 

My lady is wearing it now. Looks beautiful and covers perfectly! Light and easy to store and wash. Thank you!
~Christine F. 

I have to thank TidyTop for creating such an amazing product! I wanted to find something other than a bib for my mom to help keep her clothes clean. TidyTop was the answer as an affordable and practical gift. My husband wants me to order one for him for when he is running late to a meeting and grabs lunch to eat on the way. Love the lightweight material and the price!
~Allison S. 

WOW, what a really great idea. Long, adult bibs for every occasion. Whether doing crafts, hobbies or simply enjoying a "mess-free" meal, these Tidy Tops are a perfect addition to any home, care facility or gift. The one I purchased was a birthday gift for a 86 years YOUNG independent women. "I'm so thrilled with my gift. It's long enough to keep my blouse clean and my lap as well." Thanks for your creativeness!
~Jean M. 

I bought this for my elderly mother. She had been spilling food on her blouse at nearly every meal. This is indeed stylish and the fabric is awesome. It can easily be cleaned with a damp rag. When necessary, it can be cleaned in the washer. It's easy to put on, looks nice, and is long enough to catch all spills. Great quality product.
~Ms. Ladygrace 

The item arrived very quickly--a week ahead of the estimated delivery date. Although you can easily wipe off food, it doesn't have a "plastic" look. It's low-care, handy, and stylish. The length is perfect for catching any food that would normally fall on Mom's lap.
~ Ms. AC 

These are wonderful. My wife has involuntary moving and spills a lot when she eats. These are long enough to cover her lap and keep her clothes clean. They area really light and and be made very compact in the included bag. They are easy to clean and go in the washer and drier without any damage. I am buying a couple of more.
~Mr. Semi-consumer 

I bought two of these for my mother who has low vision. She needed protection for her clothes because she sometimes drops food in her lap. These are beautifully made and come with a carrying pouch that allows her to take it with her when she dines out. They are a light weight plastic that can be easily wiped clean. The products arrived in the time frame stated with a hand written "thank you." Would buy from this seller again.
~Sylvia S. 

This adult bib was exactly what I was looking for. It is easy for my 76 year old mother to put on herself and she loves the pretty designs. I love that it is easy to wipe off each time and reversible. It folds up small and the matching pouch that comes with it is icing on the cake. The price is extremely reasonable and worth every penny.
~Ms. Kanikuuipo 

This is a great bib! My Mom is in assisted Living and can some days make a real mess on her lap. This bib covers her clothes!
~ Liz B. 

"Voted Best Adult Bib in North America 2023"
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